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i need an angel
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Im a lover of the beautiful, whether it be people, art, landscape or animals. I love people who I can have amazing conversations with. I love art that shows feeling and emotion and not stuff that looks like a two year old did it. I love when the sun is coming up first thing on a snowy morning and the ground sparkles, or seeing the colors of the sky when the sun is setting and everything in front of the horizon looks black. And I love animal. Getting to savor the feeling of breathing fresh, crisp air while hiking outside. I would love to meet a man, who accepts me for who I am. Not who I'm going to be in 5 or 10 years, but the person that I am today. I want someone who will hug me when I need to cry and someone that will make me laugh if i'm down. I would love someone that I could drive around with lost for hours and not want to find directions because i'm having fun exploring... the landscape and each other. I love physical contact... I'm a big hand holder and cuddler. I want to meet someone who wants to go hiking and fishing and camping but who doesn't mind getting dressed up and hitting the town with friends. I pride myself on being a wonderful girlfriend. I am the kind of person who will make you laugh if you've had a bad day at work or make you soup when you're not feeling well. I can treat anyone like a king... I just want to find that person that appreciates it. I want someone with strong family values who understands the importance of close relationships. I am not looking for someone to date for 2 months and then end things.. I am 31 and I am ready to settle down and be happy with a man, a house, a dog and eventually a family. I want someone who isn't scared to plan a future with me. I'm not a big party girl If you've read this far in the intro... and are still reading than I give you credit. And after saying ALL this stuff.. I want to put it out there that that i need someone to love and spend time with .

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Age 43 years old 30 - 75 yrs old
Location Colrain,Massachusetts,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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What I'm looking for

i need a man who will be there for me and love me for who i am, a man who will love for ,the type that will always make a fun loving home
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