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I am a little odd, I'll admit, but not in a bad way. I am very friendly, but when it comes to guys I tend to get a little shy and awkward. I'm a huge goofball, but I still manage to be a very introverted person. I'm very honest. The only lie I tell all the time is "I don't know." If I say this, chances are I do know and I just don't want to say. I'd like to think I'm a pretty reasonable person. I always try to resolve problems by talking things out and coming to some kind of resolution. I love to write (short stories and poetry among other things) so sometimes I'm sort of on a different planet. There's not much I can say to explain myself. It's kind of a see for yourself sort of thing.

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Age 32 years old 18 - 28 yrs old
Location Boston,Massachusetts,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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Religion Catholic
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What I'm looking for

My "ideal partner" has a great sense of humor, but it doesn't over power mine. I'm pretty goofy, and goofy guys are great, but some guys are too funny and intimidate me. It's hard to say what's too funny though. As long as you know when to be serious I guess. He also is caring and sensitive. Also, he is laid back. I hate irritable, uptight guys. He's patient, persistent, and CONsistent. Finally, he is affectionate. Romantics are great, no doubt, but I'm more of a cuddle-and-hold-hands-in-our-pjs-on-the-couch person than a go-out-every-night-glitter-lights-and-fancy-restaurant person. I don't need all the razzle dazzle romance movie stuff, I just want to be shown affection =) and... yeah, that's it.
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